Dinosaurs in Florida

No dinosaur fossils have been recovered from Florida to date, thanks to the unpredictable continental drift. Still, scientists believe they likely lived here as the state was attached to North America during the Mesozoic era (248-65 million years ago). Having said that, a significant portion of Florida was underwater till the latter part of the Cenozoic era, about 30-23 million years ago. As terrestrial dinosaurs became extinct some 66 million years ago, it is unlikely that any dinosaur fossil will ever be found here. In fact, the state has no animal fossils before the late Eocene epoch, around 35 million years ago.

Where to See Dinosaur Fossils

Though no dinosaur fossils were found here, there are many dinosaur places that the state boasts of.

The Dinosaur World in Florida has around 200 life-sized dinosaurs, artifact exhibits, and kid’s fossil digs. Paleontologists are also there to answer your questions. The Universal Islands of Adventure has dinosaur fossils (from other states) on display.

The DinoLand USA at Animal Kingdom has Dino-Sue, a replica of the most completed Tyrannosaurus rex fossil. The 20,000 sq ft Museum of Dinosaurs and Ancient Cultures in Cocoa Beach showcases many authentic fossils, giant cast skeletons, and true-to-life dinosaurs in their natural habitats.