Extinct Reptiles

In extinct reptiles, dinosaurs are undeniably the most famous. In fact, ever since their mass extinction, the existing reptiles have survived and thrived as they are not as susceptible to climate change and other similar threats as mammals, birds, and amphibians. Still, quite a few species have vanished from existence, both during the prehistoric era and in more recent times.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), recently extinct species are the animals that have gone extinct in the last 500 years.

List of Recently Extinct Reptiles

Turtles and Tortoises

  • Pinta Giant Tortoise (Galapagos Tortoise subspecies)
  • Floreana Island Giant Tortoise (Galapagos Tortoise subspecies)
  • Réunion Giant Tortoise
  • Saddle-backed Mauritius Giant Tortoise
  • Domed Rodrigues Giant Tortoise
  • Domed Mauritius Giant Tortoise
  • Saddle-backed Rodrigues Giant Tortoise
  • Black Softshell Turtle (extinct in the wild)


  • Jamaica Giant Galliwasp
  • Cape Verde Giant Skink
  • Martinique Giant Ameiva
  • Tonga Ground Skink
  • Contomastix Charrua
  • Delcourt’s Giant Gecko (Kawekaweau)
  • Martinique Curly-tailed Lizard
  • Guadeloupe Ameiva
  • Navassa Rhinoceros Iguana
  • Eastwood’s Long-tailed Seps 
  • Navassa Curly-tailed Lizard
  • Mauritian Giant Skink
  • Rodrigues Giant Day Gecko


  • Round Island Burrowing Boa
  • Hoffstetter’s Worm Snake

Possibly Extinct Reptile Species

  • San Cristobal Galliwasp
  • Lesser Saint Croix Skink
  • Culebra Island Giant Anole
  • La Palma Giant Lizard 
  • Cranwell’s Tree Iguana
  • Okoloma Worm Lizard
  • Magdalena Scaly-eyed Gecko
  • Greater Saint Croix Skink
  • Monito Skink
  • Chapman’s Pygmy Chameleon
  • Greater Virgin Islands Skink
  • Haensch’s Whorltail Iguana
  • Brike Snake
  • Saint Croix Racer
  • Ankafina Ground Snake
  • Viquez’s Tropical Ground Snake
  • Agalta Mountain Forest Snake

Prehistoric Extinct Reptiles


What are some extinct marine reptiles?

The Ichthyosaurus and Mosasaurus are two of the most recognized prehistoric marine reptiles that are now extinct.