Dinosaurs have fascinated kids and adults alike since the very beginning of the discovery of their existence. Their habits, characteristics, and even their appearance are still a mystery, which naturally makes them that much more interesting. Here is a list of all confirmed/unconfirmed dinosaur genera, along with some basic facts about the reptiles that dominated the Earth before mammals.

Types of Dinosaurs

Classification and Terminology: Since there is no way to confirm and classify all the dinosaur families, there is no official taxonomy for them. However, the dinosaur genera list created and published by George Olshevsky, the biological nomenclature expert, released in 1995 is the one still followed and updated regularly.  The terminology conforms with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), with the primary terminology explained below:

Junior synonym: When two or more genera are combined into one, all the specimens, other than the type specimen released first (the senior synonym), are referred to as junior synonyms Preoccupied name: A name used for a new taxon after having already been used in print to describe some other taxon (these names are mentioned as ‘previously known’ names wherever applicable in the following list)
Nomen manuscriptum: Any name that has appeared in printing, but has no scientific backing Nomen nudum: Any name that has been used multiple times in print, but is yet to be acknowledged by the ICZN standards

A to Z List of All Types of Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘A’
Aardonyx Abdallahsaurus (nomen nudum, probably Giraffatitan) Abelisaurus
Abrosaurus Abrictosaurus Abydosaurus
Abydosaurus Abrosaurus Acantholipan
Acantholipan Acristavus Acanthopholis
Acanthopholis Achillobator Achelousaurus
Actiosaurus (a choristoderan) Acrocanthosaurus Acrotholus
Achillesaurus Acheroraptor Adelolophus
Adamantisaurus Adasaurus Adeopapposaurus
Aepyornithomimus Aerosteon Aepisaurus
Aetonyx (possible junior synonym of Massospondylus) Aegyptosaurus Aeolosaurus
Agathaumas (possibly a synonym of Triceratops) Afrovenator Afromimus
Agnosphitys (a silesaurid dinosauromorph) Agrosaurus (probably a junior synonym of Thecodontosaurus) Agilisaurus
Aggiosaurus (a metriorhynchid crocodilian) Agustinia (previously known by the preoccupied name Augustia) Agujaceratops
Ahshislepelta Airakoraptor (nomen nudum) Ajkaceratops
Ajancingenia (synonym of Heyuannia) Akainacephalus Albertosaurus
Alamosaurus Albertonykus Albertadromeus
Albinykus Alaskacephale Aliwalia (a junior synonym of Eucnemesaurus)
Albertaceratops Albalophosaurus Albertavenator
Aletopelta Alectrosaurus Alcovasaurus (self-published name Natronasaurus)
Algoasaurus Alvarezsaurus Alioramus
Alnashetri Altispinax Almas
Allosaurus Alxasaurus Alwalkeria (previously known by preoccupied name Walkeria)
Altirhinus Alocodon Amargasaurus
Amazonsaurus Amphicoelias Ampelosaurus
Amphicoelicaudia (nomen nudum; possibly Huabeisaurus) Amargatitanis Ammosaurus (a junior synonym of Anchisaurus)
Amargastegos Amtocephale Amygdalodon
Amurosaurus Amtosaurus (possibly Talarurus) Anabisetia
Anatotitan (a junior synonym of Edmontosaurus) Anchiceratops Anchiornis
Anatosaurus (a junior synonym of Edmontosaurus) Andhrasaurus Anasazisaurus
Angloposeidon (nomen nudum) Anchisaurus (previously known by the preoccupied names Amphisaurus and Megadactylus) Andesaurus
Ankylosaurus Ankistrodon (a proterosuchid archosauriform) Anodontosaurus
Anhuilong Animantarx Angulomastacator
Aniksosaurus Angolatitan Anserimimus
Antarctosaurus Antarctopelta Anoplosaurus
Anzu Anomalipes Apatodon (possible  junior synonym of Allosaurus)
Antetonitrus Anthodon (a pareiasaur) Antrodemus (possible synonym of Allosaurus)
Aorun Apatosaurus Aoniraptor
Apatoraptor Appalachiosaurus Aquilops
Araucanoraptor (nomen nudum; Neuquenraptor) Aragosaurus Aralosaurus
Archaeopteryx Archaeodontosaurus Archaeoceratops
Archaeornithoides Archaeornis (junior synonym of Archaeopteryx) Archaeoraptor (a chimera of the dromaeosaur Microraptor and the bird Yanornis)
Argentinosaurus Arenysaurus Arcovenator
Archaeornithomimus Arcusaurus Aristosaurus (a junior synonym of Massospondylus)
Arkharavia Arstanosaurus Arrhinoceratops
Aristosuchus Arkansaurus Argyrosaurus
Asiaceratops Astrodonius – junior synonym of Astrodon Astrodontaurus (a junior synonym of Astrodon)
Asiatosaurus Asylosaurus Astrodon
Astrophocaudia Atlantosaurus (previously known as Titanosaurus) Atlasaurus
Atacamatitan Atsinganosaurus Atrociraptor
Atlascopcosaurus Aucasaurus Australodocus
Aublysodon Auroraceratops Augustynolophus
Aurornis Austrosaurus Austroposeidon
Austrocheirus Austroraptor Australovenator
Avaceratops Avimimus Aviatyrannis
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘B’
Bagaraatan Bactrosaurus Bahariasaurus
Bagaceratops Bainoceratops Balaur
Barapasaurus Baotianmansaurus Barilium
Bambiraptor Bannykus Bagualosaurus
Balochisaurus Banji Bakesaurus (nomen nudum)
Baryonyx Barosaurus Bathygnathus (a pelycosaur, Dimetrodon)
Batyrosaurus Bashunosaurus (nomen nudum, Datousaurus) Barrosasaurus
Barsboldia Bayosaurus (nomen nudum) Bayannurosaurus
Baurutitan Beelemodon (nomen nudum) Becklespinax (a junior synonym of Altispinax)
Beishanlong Beipiaognathus Bellusaurus
Berberosaurus Beibeilong Betasuchus
Bissektipelta Bistahieversor Bienosaurus
Bicentenaria Bilbeyhallorum (nomen nudum; Cedarpelta) Blancocerosaurus (nomen nudum, probably Giraffatitan)
Blikanasaurus Blasisaurus Bonatitan
Boreonykus Bolong Bonapartenykus
Bonapartesaurus Borogovia Bothriospondylus
Bonitasaura Borealopelta Borealosaurus
Brasilotitan Brohisaurus Brachiosaurus
Brachyceratops Brachylophosaurus Brachypodosaurus
Brachytaenius (a metriorhynchid) Bradycneme Brachyrophus (a junior synonym of Camptosaurus)
Brontoraptor (nomen nudum, probably Torvosaurus) Bravoceratops Brachytrachelopan
Bruhathkayosaurus Brontomerus Brontosaurus
Breviceratops Burianosaurus Buriolestes
Bugenasaura (a junior synonym of Thescelosaurus
Buitreraptor) Byronosaurus
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘C’
Caihong Calamosaurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Calamospondylus) Camptosaurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Camptonotus)
Caenagnathasia Calamospondylus Caenagnathus
Camelotia Campylodoniscus (previously known by the preoccupied name Campylodon) Capitalsaurus (nomen nudum)
Callovosaurus Camposaurus Camarillasaurus
Carnotaurus Cardiodon Camarasaurus
Caudipteryx Caseosaurus Cathetosaurus
Carcharodontosaurus Caudocoelus (junior synonym of Teinurosaurus) Cathartesaura
Caulodon (a junior synonym of Camarasaurus) Cedarpelta Cedrorestes
Cedarosaurus Centrosaurus Ceratosaurus
Cetiosaurus Cetiosauriscus Ceratonykus
Ceratops Cerasinops Chuanqilong
Chienkosaurus (chimera of theropod and crocodyliform remains) Cheneosaurus (junior synonym of Hypacrosaurus) Chassternbergia  junior synonym of Edmontonia
Chiayusaurus Chenanisaurus Chebsaurus
Chilantaisaurus Chialingosaurus Chinshakiangosaurus
Chilesaurus Chingkankousaurus Chindesaurus
Chirostenotes Chondrosteosaurus Chasmosaurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Protorosaurus)
Chuxiongosaurus Choyrodon Chuandongocoelurus
Chungkingosaurus Chubutisaurus Chuanqilong
Chuanjiesaurus Choconsaurus Chromogisaurus
Chondrosteosaurus Citipati Cionodon
Cinizasaurus (nomen nudum) Claorhynchus (possibly Triceratops) Clarencea (a sphenosuchian)
Clasmodosaurus Claosaurus Compsosuchus
Coelurus Comanchesaurus (nomen nudum) Coelophysis
Coelurus Coloradisaurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Coloradia) Coeluroides
Comahuesaurus Colepiocephale Concavenator
Conchoraptor Coronosaurus Corythosaurus
Corythoraptor Compsognathus Condorraptor
Coahuilaceratops Craspedodon Crataeomus (a junior synonym of Struthiosaurus)
Craterosaurus Craterosaurus Creosaurus (a junior synonym of Allosaurus)
Crittendenceratops Crichtonsaurus Cristatusaurus
Crichtonpelta Cryolophosaurus Cryolophosaurus
Cryptovolans (a junior synonym of Microraptor) Cruxicheiros Cryptoraptor (nomen nudum)
Cryptosaurus Cumnoria  
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘D’
Dakotadon Daanosaurus Dacentrurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Omosaurus)
Dakotaraptor Dahalokely Dachongosaurus (nomen nudum)
 Daemonosaurus Daliansaurus Dahalokely
Danubiosaurus (a junior synonym of Struthiosaurus)


Damalasaurus (nomen nudum) Dandakosaurus
Dashanpusaurus Datanglong Datousaurus
Daspletosaurus Daxiatitan (earlier nomen nudum Gansutitan) Darwinsaurus
Deinonychus Deinocheirus Deinonychus
Deinodon (possibly Gorgosaurus) Deltadromeus Delapparentia (possibly a junior synonym of Iguanodon)
Demandasaurus Deuterosaurus (a therapsid) Denversaurus
Diceratus (a junior synonym of Nedoceratops) Diabloceratops Diclonius
Diamantinasau Dimodosaurus (a junior synonym of Plateosaurus) Didanodon (possible junior synonym of Lambeosaurus)
Dinheirosaurus (possible junior synonym of Supersaurus)  Dilophosaurus Dilong
Diluvicursor Dinodocus Dicraeosaurus (earlier known by nomen nudum Issasaurus)
Dinosaurus (a junior synonym of Plateosaurus) Diracodon (a junior synonym of StegosaurusI) Dinotyrannus (a junior synonym of Tyrannosaurus)
Diplotomodon (previously known by the preoccupied name Tomodon) Diplodocus Dongbeititan
Domeykosaurus (nomen nudum, Atacamatitan) Dollodon (a junior synonym of Mantellisaurus) Dolichosuchus
Dongyangosaurus Dongyangopelta Dracopelta
Draconyx Dromaeosaurus Dracovenator
Dracorex (might be a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus) Dromaeosauroides Dromiceiomimus (possibly a junior synonym of Ornithomimus)
Dryptosauroides Drusilasaura Drinker
Dracovenator Dreadnoughtus Dracoraptor
Dromicosaurus (a junior synonym of Massospondylus) Dryptosaurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Laelaps) Dryosaurus
Duriavenator Duriatitan Dubreuillosaurus
Dubreuillosaurus Dystrophaeus Dyoplosaurus
Dyslocosaurus Dynamoterror Dysganus
Dynamosaurus (a junior synonym of Tyrannosaurus) Dystylosaurus (a junior synonym of Supersaurus) Dysalotosaurus
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘E’
Echinodon Edmontonia Edmontosaurus
Edmarka (a junior synonym of Torvosaurus) Efraasia Einiosaurus
Ekrixinatosaurus Elaphrosaurus Elopteryx
Elmisaurus(nomen nudum; Cryolophosaurus) Elachistosuchus (a rhynchocephalian) Elosaurus (a junior synonym of Brontosaurus)
Elaltitan Elrhazosaurus Elmisaurus
Embasaurus Emausaurus Enigmosaurus
Eoabelisaurus Eocarcharia Eocursor
Eoceratops (a junior synonym of Chasmosaurus) Eobrontosaurus (a junior synonym of Brontosaurus) Eohadrosaurus (nomen nudum; Eolambia)
Eolambia Eomamenchisaurus Eoplophysis
Eodromaeus Eosinopteryx Eoraptor
Eotyrannus (earlier known by nomen nudum Gavinosaurus) Eousdryosaurus Eotriceratops
Eotrachodon Epichirostenotes Epanterias (may be Allosaurus)
Epidexipteryx Epachthosaurus Equijubus
Erketu Erlikosaurus Erliansaurus
Erectopus Eshanosaurus Eucoelophysis (a silesaurid)
Eugongbusaurus (nomen nudum) Euoplocephalus (previously known by the preoccupied name Stereocephalus) Eucnemesaurus
Eucercosaurus Euhelopus (Previously known by the preoccupied name Helopus) Eucamerotus
Europelta Eurolimnornis (a pterosaur) Europatitan
Euronychodon Eustreptospondylus Eureodon (nomen nudum; Tenontosaurus)
Euskelosaurus Europasaurus  
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘F’
Falcarius Fabrosaurus (possibly same as Lesothosaurus) Ferganastegos
Fenestrosaurus (nomen nudum; Oviraptor) Ferganasaurus Fendusaurus (possibly a nomen nudum)
Ferganocephale Foraminacephale Fosterovenator
Fruitadens Frenguellisaurus (a junior synonym of Herrerasaurus) Fukuisaurus
Fulengia Fusinasus (nomen nudum; Eotyrannus) Fukuivenator
Fukuititan Fulgurotherium Fukuiraptor (earlier known by nomen nudum Kitadanisaurus )
Futabasaurus (nomen nudum; not to be mistaken for the formally named plesiosaur) Futalognkosaurus Fusuisaurus
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘G’
Gadolosaurus (nomen nudum) Galtonia (a pseudosuchian; possible junior synonym of Revueltosaurus) Galvesaurus (Galveosaurus)
Gannansaurus Gargoyleosaurus Ganzhousaurus
Galeamopus Gasparinisaura Gallimimus
Gasosaurus Gastonia Garudimimus
Geranosaurus Geminiraptor Genyodectes
Genusaurus Gilmoreosaurus Gigantspinosaurus
Gigantoscelus (a junior synonym of Euskelosaurus) Ginnareemimus (nomen nudum; Kinnareemimus) Giraffatitan
Gigantoraptor Gideonmantellia Gigantosaurus
Giganotosaurus (not to be confused with the earlier preoccupied name for Tornieria genus) Glyptodontopelta Glishades
Glacialisaurus Gobivenator Gojirasaurus (earlier known by nomen nudum Godzillasaurus)
Gobiceratops Gobisaurus Gongbusaurus
Gongpoquansaurus Gorgosaurus Gongxianosaurus
Goyocephale Gondwanatitan Gobititan
Gravitholus Gryphoceratops Graciliraptor
Griphosaurus (a junior synonym of Archaeopteryx) Griphornis (a junior synonym of Archaeopteryx) Gresslyosaurus (a junior synonym of Plateosaurus)
Graciliceratops Gryposaurus Gryponyx
Gspsaurus (nomen manuscriptum) Guanlong Guaibasaurus
Gualicho Gyposaurus (a junior synonym of Massospondylus)  
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘H’
Hadrosaurus Halszkaraptor Hadrosauravus (nomen nudum; a junior synonym of Gryposaurus)
Hagryphus Halticosaurus Haestasaurus
Hanssuesia Haplocanthosaurus (earlier known as Haplocanthus) Haplocheirus
Harpymimus Hanwulosaurus (nomen nudum) Haya
Helioceratops Heilongjiangosaurus (nomen nudum) Heishansaurus
Hecatasaurus (a junior synonym of Telmatosaurus Heptasteornis Heterosaurus (a junior synonym of Mantellisaurus)
Heterodontosaurus Hesperosaurus Heyuannia
Hesperonychus Hexinlusaurus Hexing
Herrerasaurus Hippodraco Hierosaurus
Hisanohamasaurus (nomen nudum) Hironosaurus (nomen nudum) Honghesaurus (nomen nudum; Yandusaurus)


Histriasaurus Hongshanosaurus (a junior synonym of Psittacosaurus) Homalocephale
Hoplitosaurus Hortalotarsus (a junior synonym of Massospondylus) Hoplosaurus (a junior synonym of Struthiosaurus)
Horshamosaurus Huaxiagnathus (earlier known by nomen nudum Huaxiagnathus) Huabeisaurus
Huangshanlong Hulsanpes Huaxiaosaurus (a junior synonym of Shantungosaurus)
Huanghetitan Hualianceratops Huanansaurus
Huehuecanauhtlus Hudiesaurus Hungarosaurus
Huxleysaurus Huayangosaurus Hypsibema (previously known by the preoccupied name Neosaurus)
Hypsilophodon Hylaeosaurus Hylosaurus (a junior synonym of Hylaeosaurus)
Hypselospinus Hypselosaurus Hypsilophodon
Hypselosaurus Hypsirhophus Hypselospinus
Hypsirhophus Hypacrosaurus  
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘I’
Ichthyovenator Ichabodcraniosaurus (nomen nudum; probably Velociraptor) Iguanacolossus
Iguanodon (earlier known by nomen nudum Iguanoides and Iguanosaurus) Ignavusaurus Ilokelesia
Iliosuchus Ingentia Inosaurus
Indosaurus Ingenia (preoccupied name, presently known as Heyuannia yanshini) Incisivosaurus
Invictarx Indosuchus Irritator
Isaberrysaura Isanosaurus  
Isisaurus Ischisaurus (a junior synonym of Herrerasaurus) Ischyrosaurus (preoccupied name, yet to be renamed)
Ischioceratops Itemirus Iuticosaurus
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘J’
Janenschia Jaklapallisaurus Jainosaurus
Jaxartosaurus Jensenosaurus (nomen nudum; Supersaurus) Jenghizkhan (a junior synonym of Tarbosaurus)
Jeyawati Jeholosaurus Jiangjunosaurus
Jiangjunmiaosaurus (nomen nudum; Monolophosaurus) Jiangshanosaurus Jianchangosaurus
Jinfengopteryx Jinyunpelta Jiangxisaurus
Jingshanosaurus Jinzhousaurus Jintasaurus
Jiutaisaurus Jianianhualong Jobaria
Jurapteryx (a junior synonym of Archaeopteryx) Jubbulpuria Jurassosaurus (nomen nudum; Tianchisaurus)
Juravenator Judiceratops Juratyrant
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘K’
Kakuru Kagasaurus (nomen nudum) Karongasaurus
Kaatedocus Katepensaurus Kaijiangosaurus
Katsuyamasaurus (nomen nudum; possible junior synonym of Fukuiraptor) Kangnasaurus Katepensaurus
Kazaklambia Kayentavenator Kentrosaurus (synonym Kentrurosaurus)
Kerberosaurus Kelmayisaurus Khetranisaurus
Khaan Kileskus Kinnareemimus
Kittysaurus (nomen nudum; Eotyrannus) Klamelisaurus (possibly a junior synonym of Bellusaurus) Koreanosaurus (the same name was also used to refer to a group of informally named dinosaurs)
Kosmoceratops Kol Koshisaurus
Koparion Koreaceratops Kotasaurus
Koutalisaurus Kritosaurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Nectosaurus) Krzyzanowskisaurus (probably a pseudosuchian)
Kryptops Kulceratops Kunbarrasaurus
Kulindapteryx (synonym of Kulindadromeus) Kulindadromeus (synonym of Daurosaurus) Kunmingosaurus (nomen nudum)
Kundurosaurus Kukufeldia Kuszholia (most probably a bird)
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘L’
Laevisuchus Labocania Laiyangosaurus
Lamaceratops (possibly a junior synonym of Bagaceratops) Labrosaurus (a junior synonym of Allosaurus) Lancanjiangosaurus (nomen nudum; variant spelling Lancangosaurus)
Lambeosaurus Lamplughsaura Lametasaurus
Lanzhousaurus Latirhinus Lavocatisaurus
Lapparentosaurus Laosaurus Latenivenatrix
Lapampasaurus Laquintasaura Laplatasaurus
Lanasaurus (a junior synonym of Lycorhinus) Leipsanosaurus (a junior synonym of Struthiosaurus) Leinkupal
Lepidocheirosaurus (a junior synonym of Kulindadromeus) Leaellynasaura Lengosaurus (nomen nudum; Eotyrannus)
Leptorhynchos Leptospondylus (a junior synonym of Massospondylus) Leshansaurus
Levnesovia Lepidus Ledumahadi
Leonerasaurus Lessemsaurus Leptoceratops
Leyesaurus Lexovisaurus Lesothosaurus
Liassaurus (nomen nudum; probably Sarcosaurus) Ligabuesaurus Ligomasaurus (nomen nudum, probably Giraffatitan)
Ligabueino Liaoningvenator Limaysaurus
Liaoceratops Liaoningotitan Liliensternus
Liaoningosaurus Linhevenator Lirainosaurus
Linheraptor Limusaurus Linhenykus
Lingwulong Liubangosaurus Lophorhothon
Longosaurus (a junior synonym of Coelophysis) Losillasaurus Luanpingosaurus (nomen nudum; Psittacosaurus)
Loncosaurus Lohuecotitan Loricosaurus
Loricatosaurus Lourinhasaurus Lophostropheus
Lourinhanosaurus Lufengosaurus Lucianovenator
Luoyanggia Lusitanosaurus Luanchuanraptor
Lusotitan Lurdusaurus Lythronax
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘M’
Macrocollum Macrogryphosaurus Magnamanus
Madsenius (nomen nudum, Allosaurus) Macrophalangia (a junior synonym of Chirostenotes) Macroscelosaurus (nomen nudum; probably a junior synonym of Tanystropheus)
Machairasaurus Magnosaurus Machairoceratops
Magulodon (nomen nudum) Macrurosaurus Magnirostris
Magnapaulia Majungasaurus Malawisaurus
Mantellodon (possibly a junior synonym of Mantellisaurus) Magyarosaurus Majungatholus (a junior synonym of Majungasaurus)
Maiasaura Mamenchisaurus Mahakala
Malarguesaurus Mandschurosaurus Maraapunisaurus
Maleevus Maleevosaurus (a junior synonym of Tarbosaurus) Manidens
Mapusaurus Maxakalisaurus Mansourasaurus
Marshosaurus Matheronodon Massospondylus
Masiakasaurus Martharaptor Megadontosaurus (nomen nudum; Microvenator)
Marisaurus Megalosaurus Medusaceratops
Megacervixosaurus (nomen nudum) Megapnosaurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Syntarsus; a junior synonym of Coelophysis) Marmarospondylus
Mendozasaurus Megaraptor Metriacanthosaurus
Mercuriceratops Meroktenos Melanorosaurus
Mei Microcoelus Microdontosaurus (nomen nudum)
Micropachycephalosaurus Microceratus (previously known by the preoccupied name Microceratops) Mifunesaurus (nomen nudum)
Minotaurasaurus Microhadrosaurus Microvenator
Microraptor Minmi Mierasaurus
Miragaia Microcephale (nomen nudum) Mirischia
Mongolosaurus Moabosaurus Monolophosaurus
Mononykus (previously known by the preoccupied name Mononychus) Mojoceratops (probably a junior synonym of Chasmosaurus) Mohammadisaurus (nomen nudum; i)
Mochlodon Monkonosaurus Montanoceratops
Monoclonius Mosaiceratops Morrosaurus
Moshisaurus (nomen nudum; possibly Mamenchisaurus) Morelladon Morosaurus (a junior synonym of Camarasaurus)
Morinosaurus Mtotosaurus (nomen nudum; Dicraeosaurus) Mtapaiasaurus (nomen nudum, most probably Giraffatitan)
Muttaburrasaurus Mussaurus Muyelensaurus
Murusraptor Mymoorapelta  
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘N’
Nanuqsaurus Nanosaurus Nanshiungosaurus
Nankangia Nambalia Nanyangosaurus
Nanningosaurus Naashoibitosaurus Narambuenatitan
Nanotyrannus (possibly a junior synonym of Tyrannosaurus) Nasutoceratops Nedoceratops (previously known by preoccupied name Diceratops; possibly a junior synonym of Triceratops)
Nebulasaurus Nemegtomaia (previously known by the preoccupied name Nemegtia) Nedcolbertia
Neovenator Neuquensaurus Neimongosaurus
Newtonsaurus (nomen nudum, Zanclodon) Neosodon Neuquenraptor
Nemegtosaurus Ngexisaurus (nomen nudum) Nipponosaurus
Niobrarasaurus Nicksaurus (nomen manuscriptum) Ningyuansaurus
Nigersaurus Nodosaurus Noasaurus
Nodocephalosaurus Notocolossus Notohypsilophodon
Normanniasaurus Nomingia Nothronychus
Notoceratops Nopcsaspondylus Nqwebasaurus
Nteregosaurus (nomen nudum; Janenschia) Nuthetes Nurosaurus (nomen nudum)
Nyororosaurus (nomen nudum; Dicraeosaurus)    
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘O’
Ohmdenosaurus Ojoraptorsaurus Ojoceratops (possibly a junior synonym of Eotriceratops or Triceratops)
Olorotitan Oligosaurus (a junior synonym of Rhabdodon) Omeisaurus
Onychosaurus (possibly a synonym of Rhabdodon/a dubious ankylosaurian) Oohkotokia Oplosaurus
Opisthocoelicaudia (possibly a junior synonym of Nemegtosaurus) Ornatotholus (a junior synonym of Stegoceras) Ornithoides (nomen nudum; Saurornithoides)
Ornithomerus (a junior synonym of Rhabdodon) Orcomimus (nomen nudum) Orkoraptor
Ornitholestes Ornithomimus Ornithodesmus
Ornithomimoides Orthomerus Orodromeus
Ornithotarsus (a junior synonym of Hadrosaurus) Orosaurus (a junior synonym of Euskelosaurus) Orthogoniosaurus
Ornithopsis Oryctodromeus Osmakasaurus
Ostromia Oshanosaurus (nomen nudum) Ostafrikasaurus
Otogosaurus Othnielosaurus Othnielia
Ouranosaurus Ovoraptor (nomen nudum; Velociraptor) Oviraptor
Overosaurus Owenodon Oxalaia
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘P’
Pachysaurops (a junior synonym of Plateosaurus) Palaeosauriscus (a junior synonym of Paleosaurus) Pachysauriscus (a junior synonym of Plateosaurus)
Pachyrhinosaurus Pachysuchus Pachycephalosaurus
Pakisaurus Padillasaurus Paludititan
Palaeoscincus Paluxysaurus (a junior synonym of Sauroposeidon) Pachyspondylus – (previously known by the preoccupied name Pachysaurus; probably a junior synonym of Massospondylus)
Pampadromaeus Panguraptor Pantydraco
Panamericansaurus Panphagia Paralititan
Pandoravenator Paraiguanodon (nomen nudum; Bactrosaurus) Pararhabdodon
Pamparaptor Paranthodon Panoplosaurus
Paronychodon Patagotitan Parvicursor
Parasaurolophus Parrosaurus (presently known as Hypsibema missouriensis) Parksosaurus
Pawpawsaurus Patagosaurus Patagonykus
Peishansaurus Pectinodon Pelecanimimus
Petrobrasaurus Penelopognathus Pellegrinisaurus
Pedopenna Pentaceratops Peloroplites
Pelorosaurus Pegomastax Phuwiangosaurus
Phyllodon Philovenator Phaedrolosaurus
Piveteausaurus Pinacosaurus Pisanosaurus (possibly a member of the Silesauridae group)
Pilmatueia Piatnitzkysaurus Pitekunsaurus
Planicoxa Platyceratops Plateosauravus
Pleuropeltus (a junior synonym of Struthiosaurus) Platypelta Pleurocoelus (possibly a junior synonym of Astrodon)
Plateosaurus Plesiohadros Pneumatoraptor
Podokesaurus Polyodontosaurus Powellvenator
Polacanthoides (a junior synonym of Hylaeosaurus) Polyonax Poekilopleuron
Polacanthus Proa Priconodon
Prenoceratops Priodontognathus Pradhania
Prenocephale Prodeinodon Proceratosaurus
Procheneosaurus (a junior synonym of Lambeosaurus) Proplanicoxa (probably a junior synonym of Mantellisaurus) Proiguanodon (nomen nudum; Iguanodon)
Probactrosaurus Procompsognathus Probrachylophosaurus
Protarchaeopteryx Protiguanodon (a junior synonym of Psittacosaurus) Protoceratops
Protoavis (though described as a bird, it is probably a chimera, including theropod bones) Propanoplosaurus Protognathosaurus (previously known by the preoccupied name Protognathus)
Proyandusaurus (a nomen nudum; Hexinlusaurus) Prosaurolophus Protrachodon (nomen nudum; Orthomerus)
Protohadros Psittacosaurus Pterospondylus
Pteropelyx Pulanesaura Pukyongosaurus
Puertasaurus Pyroraptor Pycnonemosaurus
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘Q’
Qantassaurus Qinlingosaurus Qijianglong
Qiaowanlong Qiupanykus Qianzhousaurus
Qiupalong Quetecsaurus Quaesitosaurus
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘R’
Rajasaurus Rapetosaurus Rativates
Rachitrema (considered chimera mainly based on ichthyosaur fossils) Raptorex (possibly a junior synonym of Tarbosaurus) Ratchasimasaurus
Rahiolisaurus Rayososaurus Rapator
Regnosaurus Rebbachisaurus Regaliceratops
Rhodanosaurus (a junior synonym of Struthiosaurus) Rhoetosaurus Rhabdodon
Rhinorex (probably a junior synonym of Gryposaurus) Riodevasaurus (nomen nudum; Turiasaurus)


Rioarribasaurus (a junior synonym of Coelophysis)
Richardoestesia Rinconsaurus Riojasaurus
Riabininohadros Rinchenia Rocasaurus
Ronaldoraptor (nomen nudum) Roccosaurus (nomen nudum; Melanorosaurus) Rugops
Rugocaudia Ruyangosaurus Rubeosaurus
Ruehleia Rukwatitan  
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘S’
Saldamosaurus Saltriosaurus (nomen nudum) Saichania
Salimosaurus (nomen nudum, most probably Giraffatitan) Sangonghesaurus (nomen nudum, Tianchisaurus) Sanchusaurus (nomen nudum, Gallimimus)
Sacisaurus (a silesaurid) Saltasaurus Sahaliyania
Saurechinodon (nomen nudum; Echinodon) Saraikimasoom (nomen manuscriptum) Sauraechmodon (nomen nudum; Echinodon)
Sarmientosaurus Saurolophus Santanaraptor
Sanpasaurus Sarcosaurus Sauraechinodon (nomen nudum; Echinodon)


Saturnalia Sarahsaurus Sanjuansaurus
Sarcolestes Sauroniops Sauroposeidon
Saurophaganax (previously known by the preoccupied name Saurophagus; possibly a junior synonym of Allosaurus) Savannasaurus Sauropelta (previously known by preoccupied name Peltosaurus)
Saurornitholestes Saurornithoides Sauroplites
Scipionyx Sciurumimus Scelidosaurus
Scansoriopteryx Scolosaurus Scutellosaurus
Segnosaurus Sefapanosaurus Secernosaurus
Seismosaurus (a junior synonym of Diplodocus) Segisaurus Sellacoxa
Selimanosaurus (nomen nudum; Dicraeosaurus)


Sellosaurus (a junior synonym of Plateosaurus) Serendipaceratops
Seitaad Serikornis Shantungosaurus
Shanxia (probably a junior synonym of Saichania) Shanshanosaurus (a junior synonym of Tarbosaurus) Shanyangosaurus
Shanag Shamosaurus Shaochilong
Shingopana Shenzhousaurus Shuangbaisaurus
Shunosaurus Shidaisaurus Shixinggia
Shuvuuia Shuangmiaosaurus Sigilmassasaurus
Sibirosaurus (nomen nudum; presently known as Sibirotitan)


Siamotyrannus Sidormimus (nomen nudum)
Siluosaurus Siamodracon (nomen nudum) Siamodon
Sibirotitan Siamosaurus Silesaurus (a silesaurid)
Silvisaurus Siats Sinopeltosaurus (synonym Sinopelta)
Sinoceratops Sinornithomimus Sinosauropteryx
Sinornithoides Similicaudipteryx Sinornithosaurus
Sinocalliopteryx Sinosaurus Sinocoelurus
Sinotyrannus Sirindhorna Sinraptor
Sinovenator Sinusonasus Skorpiovenator
Soriatitan Soumyasaurus (a silesaurid) Sonorasaurus (earlier known by nomen nudum Chihuahuasaurus)
Sonidosaurus Spiclypeus Spinops
Spinostropheus Sphaerotholus Sphenospondylus (a junior synonym of Mantellisaurus)
Spondylosoma (an aphanosaur) Spinophorosaurus Spinosaurus
Stegosaurus Stegopelta Stenonychosaurus
Staurikosaurus Stenopelix Stenotholus (a junior synonym of Stygimoloch)
Stegosaurides Stegoceras Stokesosaurus
Stormbergia (a junior synonym of Lesothosaurus) Stygimoloch (probably a sub-adult Pachycephalosaurus) Strenusaurus (a junior synonym of Riojasaurus)
Stephanosaurus Struthiomimus Struthiosaurus
Sterrholophus (a junior synonym of Triceratops) Stygivenator (a junior synonym of Tyrannosaurus) Styracosaurus
Streptospondylus Suchomimus Sulaimanisaurus
Succinodon (fossilized mollusc borings) Sugiyamasaurus (nomen nudum) Suuwassea
Suzhousaurus Supersaurus Suchosaurus
Syngonosaurus (a junior synonym of Acanthopholis) Symphyrophus (a junior synonym of Camptosaurus) Syrmosaurus (a junior synonym of Pinacosaurus)
Szechuanosaurus  Smilodon (preoccupied name; currently known as Zanclodon)
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘T’
Tangvayosaurus Tanystrosuchus Tachiraptor
Tapuiasaurus Talos Tarchia
Tarbosaurus Talarurus Tanycolagreus
Tambatitanis Tehuelchesaurus Taohelong
Tarascosaurus Talenkauen Tataouinea
Taurovenator Tatankaceratops (probably a junior synonym of Triceratops) Tawa
Taveirosaurus Tawasaurus (a junior synonym of Lufengosaurus) Tastavinsaurus
Tazoudasaurus Tatisaurus Tatankacephalus
Tanius Teihivenator Tengrisaurus
Tethyshadros Tenchisaurus (nomen nudum; unpublished museum name for Tianchisaurus) Tendaguria
Telmatosaurus (previously known by preoccupied name Limnosaurus) Texasetes Tenantosaurus (nomen nudum; Tenontosaurus)
Tetragonosaurus (a junior synonym of Lambeosaurus) Texacephale Tenontosaurus
Teyuwasu Teratophoneus Thanos
Theiophytalia Thespesius Thecocoelurus
Thecospondylus Therosaurus Thecodontosaurus
Therizinosaurus Thotobolosaurus (nomen nudum) Thescelosaurus
Tichosteus Tianzhenosaurus (probably a junior synonym of Saichania) Timimus
Tianyulong Tienshanosaurus Tianchisaurus
Tianyuraptor Titanosaurus Titanoceratops
Timurlengia Torilion (a junior synonym of Barilium) Tonouchisaurus (nomen nudum)
Torosaurus Tonganosaurus Tototlmimus
Tornieria (previously known by preoccupied name Gigantosaurus) Tongtianlong Torvosaurus
Triceratops Troodon Trimucrodon
Triunfosaurus Trachodon Traukutitan
Trigonosaurus Trinisaura Tratayenia
Tsintaosaurus Tsaagan Tsagantegia
Turanoceratops Tugulusaurus Turiasaurus
Tuojiangosaurus Tylosteus (a synonym of Pachycephalosaurus) Tyrannotitan
Tylocephale Tyrannosaurus  
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘U’
Uberabatitan Udanoceratops Ugrunaaluk (possibly a junior synonym of Edmontosaurus)
Ugrosaurus (a junior synonym of Triceratops) Ultrasaurus Ultrasauros (previously known by preoccupied name Ultrasaurus; a junior synonym of Supersaurus)
Uintasaurus (a junior synonym of Camarasaurus) Umarsaurus (nomen nudum; Barsboldia) Unquillosaurus
Unenlagia Unaysaurus Unescoceratops
Urbacodon Uteodon Utahraptor
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘V’
Valdosaurus Vahiny Variraptor
Vagaceratops Valdoraptor Velocipes
Vectisaurus (a junior synonym of Mantellisaurus) Vectensia (a junior synonym of Polacanthus) Velociraptor
Velafrons Veterupristisaurus Venenosaurus
Velocisaurus Vitakrisaurus Vitakridrinda
Viavenator Vouivria Volkheimeria
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘W’
Walgettosuchus Wannanosaurus Wakinosaurus
Walkersaurus (nomen nudum; Duriavenator) Wadhurstia (junior synonym of Hypselospinus) Wangonisaurus (nomen nudum, probably Giraffatitan)
Willinakaqe Wiehenvenator Wintonotitan
Wendiceratops Wulatelong Wuerhosaurus
Wulagasaurus Wyomingraptor (nomen nudum, probably Allosaurus)  
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘X’
Xenotarsosaurus Xenoposeidon Xenoceratops
Xingxiulong Xiaosaurus Xianshanosaurus
Xiaotingia Xiongguanlong Xinjiangovenator
Xixianykus Xixiposaurus Xinjiangtitan
Xiyunykus Xixiasaurus Xuanhanosaurus
Xuanhuaceratops Xuanhuasaurus (nomen nudum; Xuanhuaceratops) Xuwulong
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘Y’
Yandusaurus Yaverlandia Yaleosaurus (a junior synonym of Anchisaurus)
Yangchuanosaurus Yamaceratops Yehuecauhceratops
Yibinosaurus (nomen nudum) Yingshanosaurus Yixianosaurus
Yizhousaurus Yimenosaurus Yi
Yinlong Yongjinglong Yueosaurus
Yunmenglong Yulong Yuanmousaurus
Yuanmouraptor (nomen nudum) Yunganglong Yunxianosaurus (nomen nudum)
Yurgovuchia Yunnanosaurus Yutyrannus
Dinosaur Names Starting with ‘Z’
Zapalasaurus Zaraapelta Zalmoxes
Zapsalis Zanabazar Zby
Zephyrosaurus Zhenyuanlong Zhanghenglong
Zhongjianosaurus Zhejiangosaurus Zhuchengceratops
Zhuchengosaurus (a junior synonym of Shantungosaurus) Zhongyuansaurus (probably a junior synonym of Gobisaurus) Zhuchengtitan
Zhuchengtyrannus Zizhongosaurus Ziapelta
Zigongosaurus Zuoyunlong Zuul
Zuniceratops Zupaysaurus Zuolong

Interesting Facts

  • What is the Biggest Dinosaur

The titanosaur Argentinosaurus huinculensis is believed to be the largest dinosaur (depending on uncontroversial evidence) being 98 to 130 feet long, weighing 50 to 97 metric tons.

  • What is the Smallest Dinosaur

The Compsognathus, around 3 feet long, weighing about 2.5kg, is believed to be the smallest dinosaur genus, probably a little larger than a standard chicken.

  • Which Dinosaur Had the Longest Neck

The Sauropod dinosaurs had the longest neck, which easily grew over 50 feet in length, approximately 6 times longer than that of a giraffe.

  • When Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct

Dinosaurs became extinct around 65 million years back, when the Cretaceous Period ended. They had lived on this Earth for over 165 million years before extinction.

  • What Killed the Dinosaurs

The mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous Period (the Cretaceous-Tertiary or K-T extinction event) is one of the biggest catastrophic events in the history of this Earth, with its causes still up for debate among scientists. Large volcanic eruptions and asteroid impacts are believed to be the most viable causes for wiping out thousands of species, including larger marine reptiles, pterosaurs, and other large animals, in addition to dinosaurs from the Earth.

  • Do Birds Come from Dinosaurs

Although it seems impossible, there are certain similarities between the prehistoric reptiles and today’s birds that has led scientists to believe that the latter evolved from the theropods or two-legged dinosaurs. Later discovered evidence proving the existence of feathered dinosaurs further established this theory. It is believed that a group of feathered dinosaurs evolved to be able to fly which helped them survive the great K-T extinction event.

In 2016, scientists found a piece of a feathered dinosaur tail, perfectly preserved in a 99 million years old piece of amber. The tail, discovered once the amber had been polished for making jewelry, belongs to a tiny feathered dinosaur. Experts believe this to be the chance to find out what these reptiles actually looked like since this is the first time something other than their fossilized bones have been found.